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Custom graphics


  • stickers can be replaced or removed at any time, as opposed to painting, which is permanent
  • serves as additional protection
  • with reflective details you are more visible in traffic.

CURRENTLY, CUSTOM GRAPHICS ARE POSSIBLE ONLY IN SLOVENIA, WHERE WE CAN MEASURE THE VEHICLE TO ADJUST THE GRAPHICS. Decals are made of high-quality multi-year vinyl, protected with gloss or matte lamination, for longer color lifeness. For off-road vehicles, motocross and tank protection, we use extra thick lamination, which withstands stronger abrasions and cushions scratches.

To draft a graphic we need:

Send your files to:

  • photos of the vehicle from all sides (taken as perpendicularly as possible)
  • write your wishes
  • you can attach an idea of ​​what style you like
  • in the event of a race motorcycle/car graphics, please send the graphic elements that must be included.